Nesting Post: Pop of Color!

Matt and I just moved to a new apartment that was closer to campus (yay) but in less-than-great condition (boo).

LUCKILY my folks, who are retired living saints that now devote much of their time to help remodel relatives’ homes, flew up from Puerto Rico to deliver us from the previous tenants’ evils of poor upkeep and bad taste.

The most obvious sins were the colors on the walls: a dark, ketchupy red for both the living room and bathroom and a dark, murky navy for the bedroom. My mom actually enjoys painting, so while Matt and I cleaned the heck out of our old apartment to make sure we got every cent of the security deposit back, she made sure the ugly walls were primed and soothed with a nice hue of teal. Zesty without being obnoxious.

The small kitchen had two entrances, one of which was declared unnecessary by my folks. They measured the offending entrance and went to the hardware store to get a wooden panel cut to size. Here’s where I was actually of some use: they left it up to me to paint it. And I was so happy with the results, I’m sharing them with you.

First, a nice coat of bone white:

Always use a drop cloth for all your painting projects, kiddies!

I broke up the 32″-wide panel into 8″ sections by making light pencil marks at each of the short ends. Then I ran lengths of masking tape along the panel from one pencil mark to its partner on the opposite end. Not the most exact method but worked well enough for me! I wanted a herringbone pattern, but the kind that doesn’t match up. It fit my devil-my-care approach to decor. As for the angles of the lines themselves…

Random is key. Random is god.

You know what looks good with teal? A nice, rich burnt orange. I got a small bottle of orange craft paint for 59¢ and, with my 10¢ foam brush, it was enough for one coat on one face of the panel:

You can do more coats, but I liked the streaky look.

I let it dry overnight and the next morning removed the long pieces of tape (which in turn lifted the shorter pieces with it)…

So satisfying.

The original panel was too porous for the masking tape to really get into all the little grooves, hence the rough edges, but wouldn’t you know, not a damn was given.

I mean really, who’s gonna notice?

Just look at that orange and teal together!

Match made in heaven.

This pop of color welcomes me every time I open the front door.

Hope you enjoyed the post and that you’re inspired to add some more bold colors into your life. :)